Doors opened, blog launched!

logo-big-blackToday, matters of law legal blog is officially launched!  The blog is hosted by Belin Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O., which opens for business today as well.  The firm, which is web-based and virtual, will provide general business law services to companies of various sizes.  This blog will commentate on topics of interest to the firm’s clients, potential clients and fellow practitioners.

Picture 006Belin Law Firm will be managed by its founding attorney, Phil Belin.  Owing to its business model, the firm will aim to provide sophisticated services at superior values than traditional law firms.   The firm wishes to acknowledge Axiom Legal, Valorem Law and countless other law firms that have encouraged a movement toward a progressive, “Third Wave” law firm business model.  These firms and their success have inspired Belin Law Firm to open its doors.


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